After 25 years of serving clients in major international law firm and litigation boutique settings, Mark Manela opened the Manela Law Firm in January 2014.

The firm’s clients benefit from Mark’s commitment to provide big-firm experience with small-firm service and efficiencies created by new technology and an evolving labor market.

Mark’s expertise, advice and professional relationships in the legal community remain unchanged. So does his commitment to sensibly meet his clients’ needs, whether alone or through joint venture arrangements and co-counsel collaborations.

Consider the observations of Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds, author of Small is the New Biglaw: “Ultimately, what lawyers offer is expertise and advice. Those are offerings that require neither fancy offices nor large staffs, however helpful those things may sometimes be. In a world in which small-scale operations can now often compete on an even — or even superior — basis with large ones, we should expect the practice of law to change accordingly.”

We agree.

The Manela Law Firm continues to represent public and private businesses, U.S. and foreign investment and commercial banks, bankers and investment bankers, professionals, including individual CPAs and their firms, special committees, directors, officers, and employees.

Areas of Focus:

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • Banking and Finance Litigation
    • Energy Litigation
    • Construction Litigation
    • Business Litigation
    • Professional Liability
    • Securities Litigation and Enforcement
  • Internal Investigations
  • Special Committee Representations

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